How can we make your life easier?

As individuals evolve financially, we require  services and expertise that save us time, improve our quality of life, cater to ever expanding schedules, lifestyle changes. 

We often experience the need to build wealth for our latter years, to preserve it for our future generations, i.e. create and leave a legacy. 

All this requires discretion, expertise, planning, and organisation.

Working with tax and legal experts, investment professionals, Matribu is able to assist to by providing Fiduciary and General Client services.

Fiduciary Services

  • We will manage your personal estate to serve you best by using fiduciary solutions i.e. legal structures (Trusts, Foundations) which are tailored to your situation allowing for a more streamlined approach to organising your estate.
  • This means that we will obtain adequate expert advice on setting up and administrating  structures, review existing structures to ensure they are still needed and if not restructure or close down the structure as necessary.

General Client Services

We cater to ad hoc client requests but some of the basic client services we deliver are :

  • Facilitate personal relocation abroad.
  • Coordinate corporate relocation/ creation of foreign base.
  • Real estate acquisition and management.
  • Assist clients to develop banking relations abroad.
  • Conduct educational institutions searches, applications and enrolment.
  • Coordinate citizenship and Visa- via-investment schemes. 

We welcome comments and communication from current and potential clients.  

We aim to respond to all queries as soon as possible but always within 24 hours.

Fee schedules and specific quotes are available on request.

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